The Penn Fund is defined by the consistency and generosity of its Proud Penn Donors. Annual giving from alumni holding undergraduate degrees allows The Penn Fund to make an instant impact on all aspects of student life at Penn. Alumni participation is the primary goal of The Penn Fund and Penn students are its sole beneficiary.

  • This tradition started in 1927 and is a major source of funds that help underwrite the educational expenses for all current Penn students.

  • Gifts to The Penn Fund help the University maintain its ranking as one of the premier universities in the nation in terms of the quality of its students, its faculty, its academic and extracurricular programs, and its research.

  • As universities grow more competitive in recruiting the best students and faculty and providing top-flight facilities and resources, the challenges for securing external funding increase dramatically. The Penn Fund helps the University to meet these challenges.

  • The Penn Fund is vital to the University as a major source of funding, particularly since its dollars are directed toward the operating budget.


The Penn Fund mailing address is:

The Penn Fund 
University of Pennsylvania 
Suite 300
2929 Walnut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19104-5099