Financial Aid Benchmarking

Within our peer group, Penn is one of six schools that have no-loan policies across the board. The others are: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Columbia. Among our peers, Penn spends more unrestricted dollars on undergraduate financial aid than any other Ivy. Less than 25% of our financial budget comes from the endowment which remains nearly the lowest among our peers, especially the other no-loan Ivies.


Endowment Scholarship Funds: Penn’s Comparative Challenge

The Penn Fund sustains the University’s no loan, need-blind policy generating the most talented, diverse undergraduate student body.


Why Participation Matters

Gifts of all sizes add up to millions in sustaining financial aid while bolstering student life & activities and undergraduate experience.

  • Appreciation – reflects the impact of your education and undergraduate experience
  • School rankings – US News & World Report includes percentage of alumni donors in its ranking to weight for Alumni appreciation / experience
  • Your Legacy - Large numbers of donors signifies a strong, engaged class full of class pride and Penn loyalty.

Like crowd funding, these gifts add up to millions in support of undergraduate priorities.