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Since 1927, gifts to The Penn Fund—from undergraduate alumni and parents like you—have made a profound and immediate impact on all aspects of student life and learning at the University by providing grant-based financial aid packages to undergraduates, supporting enhancements to academic programs and campus technology, and fostering community through student clubs and organizations. This longstanding tradition of loyal generosity allows donors to support the University’s greatest needs and highest priorities through the general fund, long-term scholarship support, and special reunion class projects.

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Impact Recognition Class of 1917 Award

Class of 1917 Award

We recognize one class for their outstanding fundraising achievement.

The Class of 1917 Award was established in 1967 by Bertram F. Brummer C’17 in honor of the Class of 1917’s 50th Reunion. The award recognizes one class who has most embodied the spirit of philanthropy throughout the reunion cycle. 

Each year, The Penn Fund team will select the winning class based on three categories: the activity and commitment of giving committee volunteers, total dollars raised, and the number of donors supporting the effort compared to past results and the results of peer reunion classes. The net income from the associated endowed fund will be added to the gift of the winning class to honor those who have truly shone during their quinquennial reunion.

The Penn Fund excitedly announces the Class of 1991’s 30th Reunion as the Class of 1917 Award recipient for the 2021 reunion cycle.

The Class of 1991 achieved incredible success during a year that was challenging in many ways. Their fundraising effort was led by Heather Sarno Getman, C’91 and Robin Harrison Kaplan, C’91 alongside 28 other reunion giving volunteers, all of whom exemplified a passion for Penn and continued commitment to the University’s mission. They far exceeded their overall goal of $7M, raising nearly twice that – a record-setting $13,190,753 – in support of student life and learning. Considering the ever-increasing need for undergraduate financial aid, the Class of 1991’s commitment to scholarship is especially noteworthy as $12,118,811 was raised from 38 scholarship donors. Ultimately, the Class of 1991 set six new dollar and donor records. Their sincere efforts set a fantastic example of generosity and philanthropy that will impact the University and its students for generations.

The Class of 1991 far exceeded their overall goal of $7M, raising nearly twice that – a record-setting $13,190,753 – in support of student life and learning.

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