Why Give to The Penn Fund?


Kenneth Shinn, C’21

“Penn has been a transformative experience, enabling me to pursue my academic goals with brilliant professors and explore my extracurricular interests with student organizations. Thank you to The Penn Fund and Penn Alumni for the loyal support of undergraduate students’ aspirations at this wonderful school!”

Chloe Karp, C’18

“I believe that academically superior students deserve equally superior opportunities. I got involved with The Penn Fund to ensure that the privileges future Penn students will enjoy are at least equal to, if not better than the ones I have enjoyed as a member of this community built by appreciation of the value of a Penn education.”

James Rao, W’21

“Penn has given me the unique opportunity to explore a wide array of subjects and interests. In the classroom, I’ve been challenged to expand my thinking process. All across campus, I’ve met so many wonderful classmates and friends that make up Penn’s distinctly diverse community, and in future years, I hope to continue to do so. The Penn Fund is what has made my college experience so memorable and its special impact on campus life is truly profound.”

Deepak Prabhakar, ENG’11 GEN’12

“Penn has been the most influential experience of my life. I contribute to the Penn Fund every year to support current students and encourage them to follow their dreams. It also helps me remain connected with events on campus as well as members of my graduating class. Alumni engagement is vital to the continued growth of the vibrant Penn community and I take pride in my participation every year.”

Emily Marucci, C’18

“My name is Emily Marucci and I am a current senior at Penn. During my time as an undergraduate, I have learned and grown more than I ever thought possible. My experience as a psychology major has taught me a vast amount about the physiology of the human brain, competing theories of personality, and how biases and perceptions are shaped. It’s been a dream come true. I know that my Penn experience is possible in part because of your past decision to support The Penn Fund. Thank you.”

Nick Silverio, W’18

“After taking a gap year to pursue my dance career, I returned to Penn for two main reasons: the academic tools that so specifically support my career aspirations, and the incredible people with whom I've made lifelong friendships. My love for Penn has only grown since coming back to school, and I am eager to stay engaged after graduation through the Penn Fund so I can help future students to have the same amazing experience. My favorite Penn memory was performing for the first time with Arts House Dance Company at the Iron Gate Theater. This incredible community has become my second family — that is why I give back to Penn.”


Angela Ip, C’18

“I have loved my time at Penn — especially how easy it is to pursue my academic, extracurricular, and social interests through the variety of classes and clubs Penn offers. The people I have met have exposed me to an array of perspectives and backgrounds that I otherwise wouldn't know. I give to the Penn Fund to provide other students with the opportunity to fall in love with Penn! It's hard to pick a single favorite memory at Penn, but I remember a lot of really fun times and defining moments that I had with my freshman hall (our first meeting, Convocation, halloween, rushing, studying, and eating together, etc.) that really shaped the beginning of my experience. Also, a lot of those people remain my closest friends!”


Kent Hutchison, W’18

“Penn provided me with an opportunity to grow within an incredibly diverse and supportive community. I could never have experienced this diversity, learned from world-class professors, or met my lifelong friends without The Penn Fund. I am thrilled to be a part of this university!”


Alyssa First, C’18

“Penn has not only allowed me to meet the most amazing people and some of my best friends but it has also given me a place to grow as a person both academically and personally. I believe everyone should have the chance to be at Penn, and that is why I give back. I want all students to have the opportunities like my own that they may not otherwise have had without the support from the Alumni. I’d be a different person today without Penn.”


Tim Donza, C’02

“I have given back 16 years since graduation. I value giving back each year to The Penn Fund because I know that I benefitted from alumni support during my time at Penn. Philanthropy is rooted in Penn's culture — and by renewing my commitment to The Penn Fund each year, I know that I am a leader in the preservation of this value. Thank you.”


George Curchin, C’50

“I am a proud member of the Class of 1950. It has been almost 68 years since I received my Penn diploma, but to this day it remains one of my most valuable possessions. I give back to The Penn Fund to honor the magnificent education I received at the finest University in the country. A Penn education can change a person's life — I know this because it changed mine. As alumni, we must recognize that there is an unpaid debt — not a burden that we are beholden to —  but a vast expanse of opportunity that we should not take for granted nor deny to others if we are able to pay it forward. Thank you.”