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1917 Award Past Winners


FY96: Class of 1971

FY97: Class of 1972

FY98: Class of 1978

FY99: Class of 1974

FY00: Class of 1975

FY01: Class of 1976

FY02: Class of 1973

FY03: Class of 1940

FY04: Class of 1945

FY05: Class of 1950

FY06: Class of 1949

FY07: Class of 1945

FY08: Class of 1946

FY09: Class of 1959

FY10: Class of 1980

FY11: Class of 1986

FY12: Class of 1982

FY13: Class of 1993

FY14: Class of 2004

FY15: Class of 1990

FY16: Class of 1991 & 2011

FY17: Class of 2012

Class of 1917 Award

The Class of 1917 Award endowment fund was established in 1967 by Betram F. Brummer, C’17 in honor the Class of 1917 50th reunion and to recognize one class each year for their outstanding fundraising achievement. In perpetuity, the net income from this endowment will be added to the class gift of the winning alumni class.

The Penn Fund staff will select the winning class who has most embodied the spirit of philanthropy at Penn. To do so, each class will be evaluated on the activity and commitment of gift committee volunteers, total dollars raised and the number of donors supporting their class gift compared to their past results and the results of peer reunion classes. By looking at these three categories, we hope to identify and honor the class that has truly shone during their quinquennial reunion.

For 2017, The Penn Fund is delighted to announce that the 1917 award is presented to the class of 2012.  The class will receive $3,055.96 to be added to the Class of 2012 5th reunion fund.

2012, in their 5th reunion, set a new record in Penn Fund dollars, raising a total of $454,393, which was 227 percent above their overall goal. The gift committee, 22 strong, was led by Graham Ober, C’12 and Scott Schlager, C’12. The class of 2012 secured over 30 multi-year commitments, ensuring the class remains loyal to The Penn Fund. Committee members helped to raise gifts from 619 classmates, including 222 Perfect donors. Supporting financial aid, the class saw two newly endowed scholarships established through the generosity of classmates. Essential to their campaign’s success was a number of pre-reunion events hosted around the country by committee members. These events inspired classmates to give back through their class reunion campaign, and to come back to campus for their reunion during Alumni Weekend. Over 1,000 classmates returned for their reunion during Alumni Weekend. Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

*This award does not take Total University Achievement (giving outside of the scope of The Penn Fund; the University’s undergraduate annual fund) into consideration except as a tie breaker between classes.