Class of 1917 Award FY15

The Class of 1917 Award endowment fund was established in 1967 by Betram F. Brummer, C’17 in honor the Class of 1917 50th reunion. This award honors the class with the most successful reunion fundraising year. In perpetuity, the net income from this endowment will be added to the class gift of the winning alumni class of the year.

The Penn Fund staff will select the winning class using a formula accounting for dollars raised through The Penn Fund, the number of donors from the class, and the increase in both over prior years. This award does not take Total University Achievement (giving outside of the scope of The Penn Fund; the University’s undergraduate annual fund) into consideration except as a tie breaker between classes. 

This year, the Class of 1990 won the Award for the most successful reunion fundraising. This honor is based on many more factors than just dollars raised.  Rather, several metrics were considered by the University including the total level of class participation and the close work between the outreach and gift committees.  The hard work from 50+ volunteers yielded staggering results including:

  • 730 reunion donors (100 more than the average 25th reunion over the last 8 years).
  • 114 BFS-level donors (10 higher than the average 25th reunion).
  • 52 classmates who will be recognized on the class plaque for commitments of $25,000 or more (the second highest total major donors of any reunion ever).

Citing the close collaboration in both committees’ outreach, 1990’s gift chair, Aaron Marks, noted, “These incredible levels of participation and giving are, of course, all tied into the fact that we had the most spirited and best attended 25th reunion weekend in the school’s history.

We should all feel very proud.” For their efforts, the Class of 1990 will receive $2,672.89 to support their 25th reunion class gift through The Penn Fund.